7 Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Big Day Easier

Packing and moving can be a seriously daunting task. However, there are many different things you can do to make the process much less stressful. There are dozens of simple hacks that you have probably never thought of that will transform moving into a much simpler process, and here are some of the most genius of them that you should know about: 

1. Cut Box Handles

Moving boxes can be tricky. Big boxes are awkward and difficult to lift and often block your line of sight. However, there is no reason to carry boxes in such an awkward way when there is an easy solution. Cut out your own box handles before packing so the boxes are easier to lift. All you Have to do is cut triangles in the sides of the boxes. Cut the triangles so they are pointing toward the floor. Cut the bottom two sides of the triangle and fold it up. This way the folded cardboard is softer against your hand than if you cut the shape out completely.

2. Take Photos of Cords

One common problem that people have is that they unplug their electronics and then can't figure out how to hook them all back up again after moving. Before you unplug anything, take a photo of your cords. Take several photos if you need close ups and other angles. This will allow you to have a point of reference to easily hook everything back up.

3. Pack Books in Suitcases

Books take up a lot of space in boxes, and they make the boxes very difficult to move. The easiest way to move your books is to pack them in your wheeled luggage. This way, you can just roll the luggage to the car or moving van easily.

4. Pack on Hangers

A lot of people will take their clothes off the hangers, fold them up, and pack them in boxes. Packing clothing away just to hang it back up is extremely time consuming. All you have to do is take trash bags and pull them over the clothes from the bottom and pull them out of the closet. Having your clothes grouped in trash bags and still on the hanger makes it much easier to move and hang them back up.

5. Use Paper Plates

There are a dozen different hacks for packing plates, but this one is by far the best. When you wrap plates in bubble wrap, shirts, or anything else, they take up way too much space. You end up using several boxes just to pack your kitchen. The easiest way to pack your plates is to incorporate paper plates into the box. Put a paper plate between each regular plate when you pack. The plates won't break from banging together and you can use the paper plates as soon as you unpack.

6. Include a First-Night Bag

Pack a first-night bag or box and put it in the truck last. This way, it's the first thing you take out after you move. The bag or box should contain whatever you need to get through the first night and next day. This can include pajamas, a change of clothes, pet supplies, a couple utensils, coffee, and any other necessities. If you have a lot that you need to pack, you can pack everyone an individual overnight bag.

7. Utilize Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap can be your best friend when you're packing. It saves you a lot of hassle of having to move items out of drawers and different containers. For example, instead of throwing all of your silverware into a drawer, just put plastic wrap around the silverware holder. Also, if you have a plastic, three-drawer container, which are common in homes these days, don't worry about emptying the drawers into a box. Just put plastic wrap around the whole thing, and you have nothing to worry about.

When it comes to making your move easier, the moving hacks are endless. Try these ones to make the big day as stress-free as possible. You might also want to contact a local moving company like Christos & Christos Moving and Storage for even more help.