What To Look For In Piano Movers

Moving your belongings is a daunting task even if you don't have a piano to move. If you do have a piano, for the safety of your home, your back, and your piano, it might be time to throw in the towel and call in the professionals. While you might think that you can handle moving a piano on your own, by calling in piano movers, you can make sure that you and your piano are safe rather than sorry. Just remember that not all piano movers offer the same service and pricing. 

The Graduated Scale

When it comes to moving a piano, the movers have to consider how big and heavy the piano is when they give their pricing. The larger the piano is, the more people and/or machines will be needed for the move. Thus, movers may have to adjust their price based on the piano you have. If you have a 9' grand piano, some companies will charge you more than they would to move an upright piano. Some movers will even offer pricing based on the number of stairs they must negotiate. Make sure you are aware of how a company does pricing before you hire them. 


Just because you hired professional movers does not mean that nothing can happen to your piano. To make sure you are covered for damage to the home you are leaving, the home you are moving to, or to the piano itself, you should look into movers who will offer insurance or a guarantee for your move. As part of buying insurance, you will want to take stock of your piano and your home, so you know what if any damage was there before the move, so you have something to compare against after the move. 


Pianos are delicate instruments. Little bumps along the move, changes in the humidity, or simply the strain of being lifted and tilted during the move can cause pianos to go out of tune. To make sure your piano is ready to play after your move, look for movers who will offer tuning services or at least make recommendations for tuners. 


Some piano movers will only move pianos while others will have the ability to move your entire household. If you are moving more than your piano, then contracting with one moving company might be a better option than hiring one company for your piano and another for everything else. 

Not all piano movers will offer the same services. To make sure you get a competitive price and to make sure that you get the best service for your money, your best option when moving is to compare piano movers and choose a company that offers the services you require. Visit a site like http://www.extremepianomoving.com for more help.