Five Tips For A Low-Stress Office Move

Moving a company with a large office can be a challenge, but there are strategies to make it more manageable. Making a plan is a big step towards lowering the stress of the office move.

1. Find Your Movers

As soon as you know the date of the move, contract with a commercial moving service. This will require some research. Call in at least three companies to come on site and provide detailed quotes. Then, compare the quotes with each company's service as well as with reviews from past clients. Make sure that the company you settle on offers all the services your office is likely to need. For example, if you have expensive server equipment to move, you want a company that has the training and equipment to do so safely.

2. Determine the Layout

Request blueprints of the new space that you are moving into. This will make it easier to determine where to locate each department in the new building. You may also need to have contractors come in prior to the move to alter the space. It's not uncommon to need electrical changes or the addition (or removal) of partitions and walls. This work should be completed before your move date.

3. Appoint Department Coordinators

Don't try to take on the entire move by yourself. Each department should have a coordinator. It's best to choose a coordinator from inside the department since they will have intimate knowledge of the needs of the department as well as any factors that may pose a challenge. The coordinator will ensure their team is on the same page come moving day, and they will also work with the movers to get their department into the new building.

4. Gather Information

Each coordinator needs to gather information prior to the move. This information includes the amount of space necessary for the department, any special needs in the space, and any challenges that they foresee. Schedule weekly meetings with the coordinator teams to go over this information so that adjustments can be made to the moving plan and challenges can be addressed.

5. Create the Timeline

Once you have your moving date, movers, and department preparation plans in front of you, it's time to create your detailed timeline. It is best to do this as early in the process as possible, preferably at least two months out from the actual move. This timeline will give you, the department coordinators, and any renovation crews at the new site hard dates to work toward as you plan and implement the move.

Contact a commercial moving service for more assistance.