7 Simple Tips For Packing And Moving Your Electronics Safely

Packing up your computer, DVD player, and other electronic devices for an upcoming move requires plenty of care and attention. After all, it's easy to damage your electronics through rough handling or careless packing. To save yourself the trouble and expense of replacing damaged or destroyed electronics, here are a few simple yet important tips to consider. Use the Original Boxes Whenever Possible The boxes your electronics originally came in are specifically optimized for protecting those items. Read More 

Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Move

Many people hear the word "move," and they immediately see dollar signs. Moving can be costly, especially when a move involves traveling to a new city and state. Here are some simple ways you can save money, when planning your move. 1. Donate. You might think of donating your things as losing money, but sometimes, you don't have the time or energy to set up a big sale or to individually list things on local swap pages. Read More