Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Move

Many people hear the word "move," and they immediately see dollar signs. Moving can be costly, especially when a move involves traveling to a new city and state. Here are some simple ways you can save money, when planning your move. 1. Donate. You might think of donating your things as losing money, but sometimes, you don't have the time or energy to set up a big sale or to individually list things on local swap pages. Read More 

What To Look For In Piano Movers

Moving your belongings is a daunting task even if you don't have a piano to move. If you do have a piano, for the safety of your home, your back, and your piano, it might be time to throw in the towel and call in the professionals. While you might think that you can handle moving a piano on your own, by calling in piano movers, you can make sure that you and your piano are safe rather than sorry. Read More 

Five Tips For Navigating A Very Short Distance Move Successfully

Very short distance moves fall into their own special category, and whether you are moving down the block, across the street or to another apartment in the same building, you need tips customized for short moves to help you. If you want your super short distance move to go smoothly, take a look at these tips. They will help. 1. Do not underestimate a short distance move. When you only have to move a few yards away, the biggest risk is that you will underestimate the move and end up simply not being out of your old place in time. Read More 

Staging And Storage: Success Secrets When You Must Sell A House Before Your New Home Is Ready To Move In

Your new home is everything you dreamed of – perfect location, lovely architecture and plenty of space for the family to thrive. But there's one big problem -- it's not going to be available to move into right away. And your real estate agent insists she must get your current house on the market right away to ensure it sells quickly and profitably. Now you've got a challenge! How are you going to manage staging one house so it's attractive to prospective buyers when the new house isn't ready to live in yet? Read More 

7 Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Big Day Easier

Packing and moving can be a seriously daunting task. However, there are many different things you can do to make the process much less stressful. There are dozens of simple hacks that you have probably never thought of that will transform moving into a much simpler process, and here are some of the most genius of them that you should know about:  1. Cut Box Handles Moving boxes can be tricky. Read More