Five Tips For A Low-Stress Office Move

Moving a company with a large office can be a challenge, but there are strategies to make it more manageable. Making a plan is a big step towards lowering the stress of the office move. 1. Find Your Movers As soon as you know the date of the move, contract with a commercial moving service. This will require some research. Call in at least three companies to come on site and provide detailed quotes. Read More 

How to Sanitize and Clean to Prep for Your Move

If you've hired a residential moving company and are ready to pack, you might not feel comfortable hanging off your boxes, bins, bags, and belongings to a mover without cleaning everything first. Before your move date arrives, take a look at some sanitization and cleaning questions concerns. Do You Need to Sanitize Everything? In a perfect world, you'd give the movers completely clean and germ-free containers to transport into their truck. Read More